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Cargo Gym Pants

Cargo Gym Pants

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The perfect gym and outdoor workout companion. These tapered cargo pants have all the pockets you need - two hip pockets, two thigh pockets, and one glute pocket. In order to safeguard your valuables, all pockets are paired with either zippers or velcro.

Sizing (waist size)

  • Small: 29-32"
  • Medium: 33-35"
  • Large: 36-37"
  • Extra-Large: 38-39"

Benefits & Features

  • Two available colors
  • 92% polyester / 8% spandex
  • UV 50+ to protect against sun exposure
  • 5 pockets, with zippers and velcro
  • elastic waistband
  • unisex sizing


There is limited inventory of these pants. As a small business, I can only carry 50-100 pieces of each design at a given time. If a product is sold out that you are interested in, please contact me at Thank you for understanding!

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