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Cargo Gym Pants

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The perfect gym and outdoor workout companion. These tapered cargo pants have all the pockets you need - two hip pockets, two thigh pockets, and one glute pocket. In order to safeguard your valuables, all pockets are paired with either zippers or velcro.

Sizing (waist size)

  • Small: 29-32"
  • Medium: 33-35"
  • Large: 36-37"
  • Extra-Large: 38-39"

Benefits & Features

  • Two available colors
  • 92% polyester / 8% spandex
  • UV 50+ to protect against sun exposure
  • 5 pockets, with zippers and velcro
  • elastic waistband
  • unisex sizing


There is limited inventory of these pants. As a small business, I can only carry 50-100 pieces of each design at a given time. If a product is sold out that you are interested in, please contact me at Thank you for understanding!

Shipping & Returns

All orders are packed and shipped by hand in Scottsdale, AZ, and parcels are usually fulfilled 2-3 days from purchase.

We are a small team keeping up with demand, so please be patient as we get your gear to you as soon as possible.

If you need an item returned or replaced, please reply directly to your order confirmation email.

Care Instructions

Our products are machine washable.

For cotton shorts, shrinkage should be expected after the first wash.

For shirts, expect a little bit of fading after the first wash. For best care, wash inside out and air dry (though this is not necessary).