Collection: Our Story

Touch Grass Co. is an apparel brand founded on the principle that everyone should get outside, breathe fresh air, and move their bodies.

The brand started as an act of rebellion when its founder, Eric Spector, was working a finance job during the pandemic. His local gym in DC closed, and from sunrise to sunset, he was glued to his computer screen, sitting in a stale room under unnatural light. Needless to say, he found himself in search of an outlet—a physical escape from the monotony of modern life.

Through that search, Eric found kettlebells and started using them daily. He made a point of getting outside every day to view the sunset during his training sessions. The daily ritual altered his mood and reminded him just how important healthy habits are in making a lasting change. Discovering kettlebells not only offered Eric a physical escape but also sparked the inspiration behind Touch Grass Co.

Touch Grass Co. designs feature messages that reflect the brand’s ethos. When you put on a TGCO shirt in the morning and read the expressions on the front and back, you make a conscious decision to live up to the spirit of that tee. The brand is now based in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, and ships all around the globe to fellow kettlebell enthusiasts, nature lovers, and people who just love awesome apparel.